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Offered quarterly as a digital magazine and weekly as a web-based blog, our magazine is designed to empower women worldwide to live their lives and lead their businesses fully, boldly, and unapologetically.

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The Future Is Feminine!
The future is not female ~ It's feminine! To bring about more harmony in our families, communities, and the world, the rise of the divine feminine must take her place. Our magazine will focus on helping women learn, understand, and become the power of the feminine in ALL areas of life, business, wealth, and more!
You're Our Focus!
The team at Power HER Success Magazine is passionate about ALL THINGS WOMAN! We love being women, we love empowering women, and we love being a part of the solution in helping the divine feminine RISE!
Women Empowering Women!
Be a part of the women's empowerment movement by purchasing a subscription to the magazine with every woman you know. As we each do our part in helping women RISE, we will POWERFULLY experience unlimited success in life, business, wealth, and so much more together!
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As a subscriber to our magazine, you will be privy to all kinds of promotions and savings offered by Dr. Anita M. Jackson, our publisher, and the Power HER Success Alliance.   With this offer, you will receive Dr. Anita's e-book and 5-track audio program titled, "Becoming a Powerful and Unlimited Woman."

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